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Seed Club is a DAO that builds, supports and invests in tokenized communities.

There’s value in collaboration, and in coming together on the internet.

This value lives in the creativity and connection found in people anywhere in the world.

Today, the opportunity to work on things we love, to work from our strengths and to our highest potential is a privilege.

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How We Work


A few times a year we bring the most promising social token projects together in small cohorts to work alongside some of the smartest people in the social token, creator economy and crypto spaces.


We work with a handful of leading communities and brands to launch tokenized communities and DAOs. Contact us.

Who We Are

DAO members include:

Social token pioneers: Andre Anjos ($RAC), Alex Masmej ($ALEX), Connie Digital ($HUE), Brian Flynn (Rabbit Hole), Carlos Gomes ($FF), Wong Joon Ian ($JOON) Jordan Lyall ($MEME), Joyce Yang ($GCR), Louis Giraux (SuperRare), Trevor McFedries (Brud), Richard Kim ($RNG)

Leading NFT collectors, creators and builders: Jacob Horne (Zora), Gmoney (Twitter Punk), Dave Smith (Flamingo DAO), Brett Shear (Palm Tree Crew), Seth Goldstein (Bright Moments Gallery), Samsonite (Leaving Records), Daniel Maegaard (SeedPhrase), Matthew Ferrick (NiftyGateway) and 6 Agency.

Social token pros: Cooper Turley (Audius), Reuben Bramanathan (IDEO CoLab), Scott Moore (Gitcoin), James Duncan (Maple Finance), Jess Sloss (Seed Club), Bradley Miles (Roll), Pet3r Pan (MetaCartel), Kevin Chou (Rally), James Young (Collabland)

Web 3 Builders: Kristen Stone (Balancer), Stani (Aave), Denis Nazarov (Mirror) Bobby Ong (Coingecko), TM Lee (Coingecko), Lawson Baker (RaRa), Fire Eyes DAO, Eric Ashdown (Covalent), Patrick Rivera (Mirror), Jarrod Dicker (Dark Star DAO)

Angels: Packy McCormick (Not Boring), Ian Lee (IDEO CoLab), Andrew Steinwold (Sfermion), Pri Desai (The LAO), Zack Honarvar (One Day Entertainment), Dan Hannum (Hannum Capital Management), Nick Grossman (Union Square Ventures), Marc Weinstein (Mechanism Capital), Matthew Shaw (Yolo Build Co.), Jake Brukhman (CoinFund), NiMA, Megan Hannum, 0xElle (Greenfield One) and Launch House.

Forward thinking funds: IDEO CoLab, Sfermion, Nascent, Lemnis Cap, Delphi Digital Ventures, Betaworks, Meta Cartel, The LAO, IOSG and Taureon

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There’s value in collaborating, and coming together on the internet.

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